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Theme Blocks Plus

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A Multitude of App Blocks

Theme Blocks Plus provides several app blocks that you can use in your O.S. 2.0 theme to create beautiful layouts. The app currently provides the following App Blocks and more will be implemented in the future:

Seamless Integration & Works with All O.S. 2.0 Themes

Theme Blocks Plus works seamlessly with all OS 2.0 Themes. Install the app and you'll be able to use the app blocks directly in the Shopify Theme Editor. The app doesn't leave any code behind and doesn't modify your theme liquid code. This means that it's sandboxed and won't break your theme code or create compatibility problems.

Lightweight & SEO-friendly

The app blocks generated by the app are lightweight, meaning that they will have minimal impact on the loading speed of your pages. The app blocks are built with SEO in mind so that Search Engines can properly read the content of your blocks which improves indexing.

Responsive blocks and works with all modern browsers

The app blocks are thoroughly tested and work with all modern browser. In addition, they are built to work with wide ranges of devices, they are responsive: they scale up and down depending on the device used, mobile, tablet or desktop. Install Shopify App